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Tips for searching for Contractor Company information:
  1. If you don't know the full name of the contractor, you can type just a portion of the name.
    example: The contractor name A2L TECHNOLOGIES, INC. can be typed in as A2L Tech.
  2. You don't need to input the contractor name if you have the contractor ID.
  3. For an alphabetical list of all Qualified Contractors select the word "Qualified" in the appropriate field and choose the sort by "Company Name", then click on "Submit”.

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    Helpfull Hints:
  1. Entering 5 full digits will retrieve the exact zip code.
  2. Entering less then 5 digits followed by a ”%”will retrieve all zip codes that start with the entered digits.
  3. The first digit of the zip code represents the broad region in the country,like the Southeastern States for instance.
  4. The next two digits of the zip code provide for a more detailed breakdown of the geographic area, for instance a large metropolitan city and its surrounding area.
  5. The last two digits represent the postal zones in larger cities and their assigned smaller post offices.
  6. When using less than the full 5-digits, if you do not put in the % symbol, the search will look for an exact match to the specific number of digits entered, and therefore return no matches since STCM stores the full 5-digits.

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