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Application Number: 0264697-005-EI

Event Begin Date Prd Status End Date Event Posted Posted by
Receive Request  MAY-16-2022  Done  MAY-16-2022  MAY-18-2022  HAMILTON_LS 
Completeness Review  MAY-16-2022  30  Incomplete  AUG-19-2022  AUG-19-2022  GOLDSMITH_M 
DEP SPGP Status  MAY-16-2022  Red  MAY-18-2022  MAY-25-2022  BRETANA_W 
SL Title Check  MAY-16-2022  On State Lands  MAY-18-2022  MAY-25-2022  BRETANA_W 
RESET CLOCK  AUG-19-2022  Done  AUG-19-2022  AUG-19-2022  GOLDSMITH_M 
Awaiting Additional Information  AUG-19-2022  180  Received  MAY-16-2023  MAY-18-2023  BRETANA_W 
Completeness Review  MAY-16-2023  30  Complete  MAY-16-2023  MAY-18-2023  BRETANA_W 
Determine Agency Action  MAY-16-2023  60  Delegated  JUL-14-2023  JUL-14-2023  BRETANA_W 
ERP Decision  MAY-16-2023  60  Intent to Issue  JUL-14-2023  JUL-14-2023  BRETANA_W 
STOP CLOCK  JUL-14-2023  Done  JUL-14-2023  JUL-14-2023  BRETANA_W 
Notice of Intent Receipt/Publication Date  JUL-14-2023  21  Received  JUL-27-2023  JUL-31-2023  BRETANA_W 
Final Agency Status  JUL-27-2023  30  Issued  AUG-14-2023  AUG-18-2023  BRETANA_W 
ISSUE PERMIT  AUG-14-2023  Issued  AUG-14-2023  AUG-18-2023  BRETANA_W 

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